The Undertaker Bids Final Farewell To The WWE Universe

There’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. That quote I remember it clear as day when I was watching The Sandlot one of my favorite childhood movies and I always find that quote what Babe Ruth said to Benny the Jet Rodriguez and always stick to me for my passionate love 4 wrestling wrestling is what makes part of me it brings me happiness it can also lead to sadness there’s some great times there can be bad times but tonight I witnessed one of my childhood Heroes my favorite WWE Superstar Mark Calaway AKA The Undertaker said his final farewell

Tonight marks the 30th anniversary of the legendary career of The Undertaker The Undertaker was more than just a character it was more than just smokes and mirrors it was more than entertaining it was a gorgeous beautiful phenomenon every time when you heard the gongs or heard The Druids speak it was like watching Magic it was like watching something out of a horror movie it was like entering another zone tonight what’s the final night I saw it my hero the man I say that as a legend in the most respected man in all of professional wrestling walk down that aisle that’s slow walk down that aisle going into the ring watching him for the final time it was nothing but pure Beauty the WWE I have to commend them they did a beautiful thing for Mark Calaway when you give 30 plus years in this industry that a character that would freak you out would always play mind games with always torture his opponents and psych you out five ways til Sunday like he would always say he was taking souls and digging holes. I was introduced to the Undertaker by my family by my cousins and they always had old-school VHS tapes of old school WrestleMania SummerSlam Survivor series of Royal Rumble and my cousin’s always made me watch and I was a little kid all of the Undertaker’s classic matches granted I did get into the World of Wrestling by the year of 1999 and around 2000 I saw the Undertaker in a different light as the American Badass or how fans call biker Undertaker and when I first saw the character I absolutely loved it but then when my cousin put it into perspective for me on what he really was back in the day oh my God I love the character even more and I will always continue to love the Undertaker tonight I stream Survivor series and Survivor series was a good show but I really was so intrigued to see what would happen tonight with the Undertaker and to be honest I cried on my live stream tonight not of sadness but tears of joy am I upset that I got to see The Undertaker walk down that aisle for the final time yes I am but I’m happy because that man can enjoy his retirement a man who’s given 30 years in the wrestling industry just to entertain fans just like all over the entire world being as blessed as he is and how he has blessed us with so many memories all I have to say is thank you Mark Calaway for everything that you’ve done for this business thank you Undertaker

Malcolm Beene wrestling Observer for the spotlightsportsnetwork

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