Sixers Defeats Wizards 141-136

The Philadelphia Sixers right now have the best record in the NBA. Last night’s game against the Washington Wizards was definitely a nail bitter. Over the last couple of game the Sixers has been light out from behind the 3 and shooting over 50%. Finally we got shooters and have spacing on the floor. The Sixers had 6 players in double figures.

Seth Curry last night was a man on a mission.  He had 28 points 11-14 from the field and 6-7 from 3. Joel Embiid had a monster game shooting a 3-4 from 3 scoring 38 points and was a perfect 13-13 from the Free throw. Making clutch shots when it mattered. Tobias Harris scored 19 points. Danny Green Contributed with 15point and was  5-8 from beyond. Ben Simmons had a career high in assists with 12 and 17 points. Shake Milton off the bench in 20 minutes scores 19 points 6-9 from the field.

Right now the Sixers are playing very well. Overall the shot 62.1% from three. 3 point shooting was definitely something the Sixers were missing last year. With the addition to Danny Green and Seth Curry making the flow and the spacing so much better. Seth defense isn’t all the great but he can do some much on the offensive side of the ball. He can catch and shoot, he can go to the rank and shoot a mid range. Tyrese Maxey was a steal in the draft at 21. Him and Shake get on the floor the ball moves so well. Just the extra pass helps. Embiid is going to be double teamed someone will be open to drain the shot.

Now the test is the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant and Spencer Dinwiddie will not be playing. Kyrie Irving and Caris LeVert have been playing very well and the Sixers can’t afford to slack because the Nets are still a dangerous team. Bradley Beal scores a career high 60 points and couldn’t get the job done. Now the Sixers had 82 points in the first half and got comfortable and almost let the game go. They have to keep the pressure on against Brooklyn. Sixers 141 Wizards 136


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