Road To WrestleMaina

It is WrestleMania season can you feel it the excitement in the air that magical feeling it’s wrestling fans and Super Bowl it’s the most biggest global phenomenon in all the professional wrestling so why does this year’s WrestleMania feels like a trial and error I mean don’t get me wrong lately the WWE these past WrestleMania’s have been fantastic but something about this year is very head scratching I mean we have a new WWE champion in The Miz who cashed in his money in the bank contract against Drew McIntyre at the elimination chamber which some of us here on the spotlight sports network have mixed feelings well almost everybody on the group except for our boss but that’s a totally different story for a different day it also seems like we’re going to get a match that no one is asking for Shane McMahon versus Braun Strowman Yeah seriously who really asks for that but that’s the speculation though but we do know that we’re getting Edge versus Roman reigns for the universal championship which to me would be the greatest feel-good story for edge after a 10-11 year resting retirement comes back and gets the championship that he never lost to a man that he’s never faced that right there is mania worthy also it’s clearly obvious that we’re going to get Bianca Bel air versus Sasha Banks for the WWE smackdown women’s title which I am definitely looking forward to And it also seems like we might get the new and improved Bray Wyatt AKA the fiend all burned and scarred as he returns to face off against Randy Orton and the shocking thing about that is that is your main storyline that’s been going on since if I’m not mistaken all the way from survivor series all the way to now WWE did this last year when they did the oldest Dolph Ziggler Mandy Rose Sonya DeVille storyline and that lasted all the way till mania making it the biggest storyline out of that hole entire pay-per-view we’re just speculating though but also the bigger question is what do you do with the WWE championship Yes the Miz is the WWE champion but for how long because the way have they been booking Bobby lashley as of late it looks like Bobby lashley could be WWE champion and they could have Drew McIntyre take the belt off of Ashley making Drew McIntyre a three-time WWE champion we kind of understand why they could do something like that because Drew didn’t have his moment last year because well obviously the pandemic and plus with no fans but we would like to ask what was the point of taking the belt off of him against his match at Hell in a Cell with Randy Orton only to win it back a month later and also him losing it to the Miz also really doesn’t help but if it seems like we might get Bobby lashley versus Drew McIntyre hell they might let them Miz be WWE champion this year’s WrestleMania only time can tell will keep you updated when WrestleMania gets a little together on what car they’re going to do reminder this is a two night wrestlemania like last year which is perfect but before we get to WrestleMania we got one more stop and that’s to travel to the FastLane.

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