Philadelphia Sixers Draft Tyrese Maxey with 21st pick

We all know the the Philadelphia 76ers has drafted some players over the years that haven’t been great or not what we expected. In 1996 first overall pick Sixers drafted of the best little big man in the game in Allen Iverson. Who took us to the NBA Finals in 2001 against the Lakers. We never been back since. Seasons of where the Sixers has been horrible with coaching players. We draft LSU star Ben Simmons and Kansas Joel Embiid in which was the trust the process era.


Sixers has always been just pieces away from a championship team. Went and got JJ Reddick who can shoot the three and a dawg in Jimmy Butler. Tobias Harris who is a good player to have on your team. Al Horford who is was always giving the Sixers trouble when playing in Boston will bring his talent to the Sixers. But the coaching lead to player leaving and Brett Brown getting swept in the 1st round by Boston was the the last of his coaching career in Philadelphia. In comes Doc Rivers a great basketball knowledge coach who is finally going to start some discipline and start holding players accountable. Former Houston GM in Daryl Morey is president of basketball operations.


The 2020 draft and the Sixers need shooters around Simmons and Embiid because they already said that these two aren’t getting traded. Al Horford gets traded to OKC for Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson. In the 21st Sixers drafted Tyrese Maxey from Kentucky. Traded Josh Richardson to the Dallas Maverick And return get Seth Curry who is also Doc Rivers son in law. Terrance Ferguson is a young guy who can shoot scores career high with OKC 24 points back in 2018. Then 49th pick goes and get Arkansas Guard Isaiah Joe who is a shooter.


Finally a draft where the Sixers address the needs of the team and I’m sooooo excited I can’t wait to see what more is in store. With rumors talking about James Harden wants to come to Philly. Sixers basketball is about to be back.


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