Philadelphia 76ers Draft Jaden Springer at 28th Pick

As the off-season begins and the draft comes and the Philadelphia 76ers are trying to trade Ben Simmons. Is the Sixers asking high for the 6’10 guard too high? Teams have already declined offers. Daryl Morey said the want A All star player in return. According to Rich Paul which is Simmons agent believe the trade will happen still just later on into the summer. Just my personal opinion I still believe Ben will be a Sixers when the season starts. The NBA draft begins and the Sixers have 3 draft picks 28th, 50th and 53rd pick. Was hoping for deal to go down with Ben but he’s still here. So let’s meet the Sixers newest rookies.


At the 28th pick of the draft the Philadelphia Sixers select Jaden Springer guard from Tennessee. He’s only 18 years old. He brings a 3 and D aspect to the team. He still needs to develop his overall offense game. He’s one of the better on ball defenders in the draft. He did shoot 43 percent from 3 with Tennessee only took 1.8 attempts. He still has some work to do. Coming to an already established team Springer will have to earn his minutes on the roster.


At the 50th pick of the draft the Philadelphia Sixers select Filip Petrusev  power forward from Serbia. The former Gonzaga Bulldog could be a solid piece for the Sixers. I’m 2020 he was West Coast Conference Player of the year at Gongaza before going home to Serbia. He averaged 23.6 points and 7.6 rebounds. He shot 41.9 from 3. He will need some development and some time in the weight room.


At the 53rd pick of the draft the Philadelphia Sixers select Charles Bassey from Western Kentucky. A backup center for Joel Embiid. At Western Kentucky he’s averaged 17.6 points 11.6 rebounds while also blocking 3.1 shots per game. He shot 30.5 from deep. His junior season showing his beginning to add that aspect to his offensive game. Of course we will need development as well but with Jojo there he will learn from the best. All 3 rookies are going to Vegas to play in the Summer League.


KeyInDaBuilding from Spotlight Sports Network

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