NBA Fans Gone Wild

The NBA has recently made an announcement to bring all of the fans back especially for The NBA playoffs it’s nice to see fans back it’s nice to see fans cheering on their home teams it’s fun to see rivals go back at it talking all the smack about their divisions their teams their business shady decisions and all teams past and futures but somewhere down that road since the fans have returned We had a couple of “Fans” drinking too much idiotic fuel.  For years I’ve always made fun of teams in the past for their fan base being dead having no guts and all kinds of stuff but I normally do that for entertainment purposes and also for a little friendly banter but there are some people in this world that take the stuff way too seriously also taking the fact that oh we can do this we can do that if you don’t know what’s been going on lately.   There’s been a lot of fan and player interactions as of late very despicable and dishonorable fans from New York,  Boston and Utah disrespectful idiots ruining the game that we as real fans got back it all started with game one of the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks series at game one granted the Knicks haven’t been in the playoffs since 2013 New York fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for their Knickerbockers to finally get over that hump.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant wasn’t going to happen in that free agency pool at that time so Trae Young hits a game-winning shot and quiet the Madison square garden crowd it was all silence as the Hawks take game one Trey Young became probably the most hated man in Madison square garden and it really showed at game two when a despicable fan decided to take it upon his own hands and spit on Trae Young after that altercation went down.   James Dolan did the most responsible thing as an owner and banned that fan for life I am a little surprised that charges have not been filed for that despicable fan because let’s be honest here spitting on someone is an assault no matter what the circumstances is need to remind you the last time a fan took it upon his own hands to start with a player we had the Malice and the Palace incident I don’t need to remind each and every one of you what happened on November 19th 2004. Then let’s travel on down to Utah as the Utah jazz tried to bounce back after not having Donovan Mitchell for a game one.   They would get him back for game two apparently some fans were being so racist and prejudice towards Ja Morant’s  parents who was also sitting at courtside from what I’ve gathered what I’m also hearing from other sources that those fans have been banned and also may be arrested for assault and battery and they were also kicked out of the game as well.  We at the spotlight sports network do not play around We do not play around with racism.

We are a family through and through I for one was embarrassed and shocked at the fact of the behavior of fans this Really makes me want no fans back into the stadium or better yet go back to just doing 50% capacity but that’s not fair to true NBA fans but racism is a big no no especially with with us and also I am glad that Donovan Mitchell and his father are okay after that incident but we got a lot of idiots in this world guys a lot of idiots Just like today as the Celtics try to bounce back after winning game three apparently a idiotic fan from Boston decided to throw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving’s head Kevin Durant said it best in the post game interview that the fans need to learn when to grow up and I do agree with Kevin Durant it’s really a shame that families and that’s another thing You have people with children grandparents trying to watch a beautiful game of basketball that we haven’t seen basically like almost like a year and a half what it feels like 2 years but in our minds but yeah a year and a half of no fans ever since this whole pandemic started and we have a bunch of idiotic racist if you can call them so-called NBA fans going out there just basically trying to start fights trying to start a riot For what Cuz your favorite team is losing I can understand the frustration but what does throwing a water bottle at a player do what does attacking a player and his family do what does spitting on someone do I tell you what it does it just calls anger prejudice and The most important thing here violence The NBA in my mind needs more tighter security for all NBA games You would think after Detroit pacers brawl that happened in 2004 you would think that tire security and safety measures would be taught by all 30 teams in the NBA but apparently it’s not hopefully the commissioner Adam silver and all the owners come together and have a meeting probably between the playoffs all the way to the offseason because this is getting ridiculous and to the message to the real fans out there we have to stay strong.


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