Philadelphia Eagles Loses to Giants 27-17 In NFC East Matchup

eagles lose to the giants

Watching this game yesterday as an Eagles Fan let’s just say I was pissed off watching it.. Soooo many opportunities the eagles had to win this game and they just didn’t capitalize on them. Giants were due to beat the eagles. 14 of 15 games eagles usually beat them but not Sunday afternoon Giants Defeated the Eagles 27-17.


Carson Wentz leading the league in interceptions had a turnover free day. Carson was 21/37 206 yd for no TD or not interceptions but he did get sacked 3 times. The running game did look better this week Miles Sanders 15 car 85 yards Boston Scott 3 carries 63 yards 1 TD and Corey Clement also with a rushing TD. Eagles could not compete a third down they were 0 for 9. Carson was throwing high throws to open receivers. Alshon Jeffery was back in the lineup but as only targeted once didn’t have any catches.  Travis Fulgram just one catch but missed some key catches. Richard Rodgers was the high man with 4 rec 60 yds. Eagles could not move the ball at all.


Defensively they allowed 151 yards combined Daniel Jones 9 car 63 yds and TD Gallman scored 2 TD 18 carries 58 yds and Alfred Morris 8 car 34 yds. Daniel Jones actual played well no turnovers he threw for 21/28 244 no TD. High man on the giants team was Darius Slayton 5 rep 93 yards and Darius Slay one of the best cover guys in the nfl let that play beat him. They could not stop the run and the penalties shot the eagles in the foot 11 for 74 yards. Just when they would stop the Giants flag would be thrown. Jalen Mills stated that after the game the mood of the locker room was everyone was pissed off.


Doug Peterson it’s time for you to stop relaying on the veterans when we have perfectly able younger talent. Why bench John Hightower for Alshon Jeffery who didn’t even catch anything. Hightower is a deep ball threat he could have been used. Jordan Malita was doing great at left tackle. It’s time to pass the torch. Doggie it’s time to have someone else call plays.


The schedule doesn’t get any easier from here. Cleveland, Arizona, Saints, Green Bay Washington and Dallas again. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles doesn’t win the East


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