Eagles Lose to Cleveland Browns 22-17

As Eagles fan I’m super frustrated this season. All this talent that is on the team and it straight and utter horrible. Jesus and all of the 12 disciples couldn’t help this team if they suited up in helmet themselves. Carson Wentz number so far is horrible. He’s ranked 27th in Qbr rating just behind Gardner  Minshew and Ahead of Nick Foles.  Carson Wentz number this season is 14 Tds 14 INTs with a passer rating of 73.3. He fumbled 9 times 3 while running  granted he has 5 rushing TDs. He’s been sacked 40 times. Yes the offensive line has been banged up and different line up each week but some of those sacks could have been avoided. Wentz holds the ball to long and doesn’t makes great decisions when it comes to throwing the ball.


Yesterday’s game against the Cleveland Brown definitely could have been one. Wentz was 21-35 235 yds 2TD 2Ints was sacked 5 times. He two leading receivers were both his tight ends. Dallas Goddert and Richards Rodgers both scored. Miles Sanders ran for 16 carries for 66 yds. Defensively the Eagles couldn’t stop the browns receivers and Nick Chubbs he for for 20 carries 114 yds and Kareem Hunt hurdled in for a TD. Alex Singleton had 12 tackles (8 solo) and a sack on Baker Mayfield.


Since 2017 the Eagles hasn’t been the same. Doug Peterson is calling plays now and they are horrible. Week after week it’s the same thing. We aren’t running the ball at all. Playing veteran players when they should be benched for the younger talent especially if they aren’t producing. Jason Peters getting beat and Alshon Jeffery second game back and hasn’t caught nothing.


As an Eagles fan it’s frustrating watching. Why can’t we hold Carson Wentz accountable for how he’s playing. I really do think something is wrong with his mental. What would it hurt if u put Jalen Hurts in the game nothing. Donovan Mcnabb got benched and he got the eagles to the NFC championship game. Week after week Doug is saying Carson is out starter it’s sending  bad message to the team. I’m just going to shake my head. 3-6-1 record still 1st place in the division


Eagles 17- Browns 22


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