Colts Win Crucial Game Against Detroit Lions

Week 8 for the Indianapolis Colts was a must win game for this team. The Detroit Lions came off a close win the previous week vs the Atlanta Falcons and the Colts are coming into a tough stretch of the season as the Colts won in a score of 41-21.


Throughout the first half of play the Colts defense dominated the game by stopping the run limiting the passing game for the Detroit Lions. Even though they were able to start with a 7-0 lead off a blocked punt they were able to stop any momentum from that score. They stopped the Lions run game limiting them to 29 rushing yards. Big plays were made by Kenny Moore getting a pick 6 off of Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford. Darius Leonard had a big sack fumble to ensure a Colts Victory.


Phillip Rivers and the Colts offense was able to control the time of possession throughout the game with a time of 37:46 to Detroit’s 22:14. They were able to accomplish it with running back Jordan Wilkins leading the charge rushing for 89 yards and scoring one touchdown. Quarterback Phillip Rivers had an excellent game throwing for 262 passing yards, throwing 3 touchdowns, and no turnovers. Rivers was making good throws to the receivers as 7 of them had over 10 yards receiving. 


There are some things that stuck out for the Colts in this game. First the offensive play calling on offense is predictable throughout the game; there were multiple run calls made in back to back plays that resulted in loss of yards. In this next stretch of games vs teams like the Ravens, Titans, and Packers they will sniff it out and make the Colts pay for these play calls. Second the run game has been stopped vs teams like the Bears and Bengals it was a non factor. In the first quarter it looked like it was stopped until Jordan Wilkins was able to make the offense flow with his run game. The Colts have to figure out to jump start their run game again because it’s better to establish the run game and then throw after it to win these big games they need to jump start the run game. 


The Colts play next Sunday vs the Baltimore Ravens. 


By E.j. Bryan Of Spotlight Sports Network

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