Colts fall week 1 to Jaguars 27-20

A new season with some new faces for the Colts but some things remain the same for this team. The Indianapolis Colts haven’t won in Jacksonville since 2014 and they haven’t won a season opener since 2013. 

Once again the Colts find themselves starting the season 0-1 as they lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-20. We have seen a lot of miscues coming from the Colts. Quarterback Phillip Rivers’ debut was one to forget. Rivers threw for 363 passing yards on 36/46 passes while throwing 1 touchdown pass to 2 interceptions. He threw 2 interceptions that were forced throws the first to T.Y. Hilton while he was being covered by 2 defenders that was picked off and the second was a forced turnover to Andrew Wingard.

Rivers showed his turnover prone side in this game that hurt the Colts. Head Coach Frank Reich decided to go for it on fourth down next to the end zone that was stuffed by the Jaguars defense on predictable run play that hurt the Colts instead of taking the field goal. Running back Marlon Mack went out for the game with an injury. We will have to wait on the official report on it.

Even the Colts didn’t punt once in the game they still lost and a main reason is on penalties. The Colts had 5-80 to the Jaguars 6-61 yards. Jack Doyle had a costly penalty on an illegal block that put the Colts back. The Jaguars capitalized off the Colts’ errors as Gardner Minshew threw for 173 yards 19/20 for 3 touchdowns as he cashed on the short passes. Both the defense and offense lines won the day for the Jaguars as running back James Robinson had a good day 16 rushes for 62 yards. At the end of the game Rivers threw to T.Y. Hilton went for a first down but he dropped the first one and on the last play corner back CJ Henderson made the game winning tackle as he won the battle against Hilton the whole game. 

The Colts play against the Minnesota Vikings next Sunday at 1pm but they need to clean up the penalties and turnovers. The week one curse haunts the Colts once again but falling to 0-2 will hurt them in this division with the Texans and Titans vying for the lead only time will tell. 

E.j. Bryan of Spotlight Sports Network

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