Chicago Bears defeat Minnesota Vikings 33-27

BearDown Baby BearDown the Chicago Bears rolled into Minnesota they came they saw they got the W how bout them Bears this was a must-win for the Chicago Bears to keep their playoff hopes alive David Montgomery had a tremendous showing against this Minnesota Vikings defense Mitchell Trubisky look like a totally different quarterback it was like watching him Bloom it was like watching a new version of him he was more confident and more smart with his decision-making while throwing the ball and he also was scrambling which is one of his best traits Granite he did throw interception but the defense made up for it in speaking of the defense this defense got to Kirk Cousins a lot they sacked him a lot in this game from Khalil Mack Nichols even Robert Quinn forced a fumble with two games left in the season the Chicago Bears next opponent is the Jacksonville Jaguars and this is also a must-win situation for the Bears and also to be honest the only way for them to make the playoffs is if Arizona decides to fall off these next two games but I highly doubt that Arizona will do that cuz they do have an easy schedule coming up or it could be option to if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decide to lose the rest of their games and the Chicago Bears and the Buccaneers were tied the Chicago Bears will get the tiebreaker because they beat them this season either way the Chicago Bears control their own destiny and let’s not sell Jacksonville short after the Jets upset the Los Angeles Rams the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the verge I’m getting Trevor Lawrence in the offseason in this upcoming NFL draft but lately when Jacksonville this season play against NFC North opponents they give them a fight they gave Minnesota and Green Bay and fight they defeated the Lions so can the Chicago Bears find a way to stop this attack from Jacksonville and don’t be a part of that list and have a dominating performance or will Jacksonville pull off an upset and ruined their own tank right now the Chicago Bears control their own destiny can the Chicago Bears make the playoffs can they pull off a miracle only time will tell for in the meantime Bears fans how bout them bears.

Malgoolie of Spotlight Sports Network 

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