Bears made the playoffs face Saints Sunday

Bears fans I was really optimistic they came to this 2020 2021 season but never in my wildest dreams I never thought that the Chicago Bears were going to make the playoffs alone make the playoffs with the same record they has the last year 8-8.

Hear me out for a second the beginning of the season the Bears were 5 and 1 then the wheels started to come off from going 5 and 1 to 6 straight losses it was looking like Chicago was even going to make the playoffs let alone finish with a winning record Also let’s not take account of the fact that they decided to go with Nick Foles after trubisky struggling the first three games of the season but then he got hurt and then trubisky started again and then the Bears offense started to click under him we saw a different Mitchell trubisky he was more comfortable with his passes he was more comfortable in certain areas of the field yes he was still throwing interceptions that were and could have been catastrophic but of course the Bears defense always pull through since Mitchell trubisky will probably still be in Chicago Bears uniform after the end of this season (by the way we keep hearing this rumor that DeShaun Watson is trying to get traded to Chicago PS Bears fans including myself it’s not going to happen I don’t see DeShaun Watson becoming a Chicago Bear but if he does good God Almighty if he does) personally to me Mitchell trubisky was fighting to save his job he really didn’t have anything else to lose he’s going to have to play like and I mean he has to play 400% virgin C and accuracy against the upcoming New Orleans Saints especially in the Superdome what the running game starting to get established with David Montgomery having a thousand-yard season it’s going to take more than just dear offensiveness alone to beat the Saints.

Here’s where the defense come in my God what can I say about this defense I’m still not a fan of Chuck Pagano I never was a fan of Chuck Pagano’s hiring to begin with because all the man knows how to do is cover Blitz cover 1 2 3 and 4 cover this cover that that’s all Chuck Pagano knows how to do and I’m sorry that doesn’t really pay off in the strength of the defense you have players on this team who can do so much damage from roquan Smith Khalil Mack Akiem Hicks Danny trevathan Jalen Johnson Eddie Jackson and Kyle Fuller these are the type of guys who would literally walk into a bar and beat the living crap out of any nuisance that would try to say that they are sissies and this is why I believe coached to say that they are sissies and this is why I believe after this season I believe Tropicana should be fired because think about this for a minute in 2017 the Chicago Bears had top 10 defense in 2018 their deepest added with a Khalil Mack became a top 5 defense if I’m not mistaken they were what the number one defense in 2018 I could be wrong 2019 the Bears went from a top-10 defense again regressing from 2018 and this season they regress even harder Chuck Pagano has turned a top 5 defense into a top 15 defense that’s alarming best catastrophic failure and it should be noted that he should be fired I’m sorry we should have never let go of Vic Fangio…. and ask for Ryan Paces concern his job is on the line if the Bears lose to the Saints he would be terminated according to the rumor if he is fired well it’s time for being a GM for the Bears its average-at-best is drafting skills can be very questionable but there has been times in free agency the biggest duck so far was getting rid of Leonard Floyd and picking up Robert Quinn Robert Quinn has not been good as advertised and it really showed if you could look at the numbers between Robert Quinn and Leonard Floyd you would be Beyond angry as many Bears fans are but we can talk about that more in the offseason right now.

Let’s talk about this Sunday’s opponent against the New Orleans Saints the Saints to be honest are playing great right now with the second highest offense in the league the only way for the Chicago Bears to walk out with a victory against the Saints this Sunday is number one Chuck Pagano we beg of you please do not do any cover blitzes don’t have our slowest linebacker cover the best wide receiver for the Saints please don’t do it also stopping Alvin Kamara is going to be kind of an issue but the Bears have been proven to stop the run only as long as it’s not being run up the middle Mitchell trubisky cannot be making mistakes cuz this is the biggest game of his career yes I know that the last time the Chicago Bears were in the wild-card I don’t think I have to remind everyone of the double doink…. also it is noted that the Bears are too and also against the Saints in the playoffs just to put that out there but also the Saints sometimes in the playoffs can be very very not good as advertised as well I mean we all remember the Minneapolis miracle did not getting past Minnesota that horrible pass interference call against the Rams that cost them the NFC championship and ask for

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