Bears lose to Saints in Overtime 26-23

This is a case of a team beat themselves and I say that because the Chicago Bears had had the chance to beat the Saints and could have took it back control of the NFC North or better yet swept every team from the NFC South but too many offensive mistakes Matt Nagy play calling Javon Wims horrible actions for Chicago Bears fans the question is when enough is enough

Yesterday the Chicago Bears lost to the New Orleans Saints and I have to say is in Chicago Bears fan I’m really disgusted with this team yes the Bears are five in three but this is a team that has literally been listening to all the voices in their heads listening to all their critics this should be a team that needs to shut up their critics in say hey we are the real deal but no it’s the same scenario coach Nagy offensive calling Pagano not what’s seen enough even though this is a very Super Bowl caliber defense it’s very frustrating and then Javon Wims horrible actions and yes he should be suspended for about two to three games at least I’m not going to sugarcoat that this Bears team is in trouble even though they are five and three next week they take on the Tennessee Titans and that’s not going to be an easy feat Derrick Henry will be Derrick Henry the only thing I can say can the Chicago Bears get to Tannehill if this defense can get to Tannehill and get him riled and shaking up in the Bears have a chance to be 6-3 Alvin Kamara ran through this defense and what angers me is that Chuck Pagano I ask you sir please let these boys Blitz cuz trust me Khalil Mack Hakeem Hicks Roquan Smith Danny trevathan and even Jalen Johnson and Kyle Fuller will be at the quarterback that is a guaranteed fact what I can take away from this game is that the Chicago Bears really need to work on their offense they need to come together as a unit Nick Foles coach Nagy Bill laser this whole entire often need to be practicing on that field every single day and yes another big problem with this Chicago Bears team is that this team has no offensive line it was the same factor with Mitchell trubisky is going to happen with Nick Foles with the trade deadline coming up can the Chicago Bears find a piece that they’re looking for been trying to get a little bit of help on this offensive line or will it still be the same brutal in frustrating thing are we going to see all season only time will tell all I can say as a Bears fan BearDown

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