Andy Dalton Signs With The Bears

DeShaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Foles, Russell Wilson and Tyrod Taylor out of all the quarterbacks at the Chicago Bears could have gotten in this free agency pool they decided to take a safer route or in this case to every 94% of their fans who didn’t want this to happen.   I am one of them Andy Dalton is now the new quarterback for the Chicago Bears now before we continue. I’m not going to sit here and say that Andy Dalton is a bad quarterback He’s not.  The difference between him Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles is at least he is confident on throwing the ball and making smart decisions but he does occasionally have his slip-ups here and there basically the Bears in my opinion did not really upgrade from the quarterback situation but free agency is still young and it is still more exciting news coming from this upcoming year.

The Chicago Bears are desperate we’re very desperate on a quarterback that they were in talks with the Seattle Seahawks on getting Russell Wilson but news broke out earlier today that the Bears were one of the few teams that were pushing hard for Russell Wilson but the Seahawks personally called the Bears organization and told them that they weren’t going to trade Russell Wilson at this time so that left the Bears in a desperate situation and as always they tried to play it safe even though without doing the right thing in the fans’ eyes and signed Andy Dalton Andy Dalton’s quarterback rating in his 11 years in the NFL is a Mitchell Trubisky quarterback rating is an 87.2 Nick Foles 87.1 yeah basically they have not upgraded and it shows in these ratings but when it comes to passing.

Andy Dalton has then beat because he was a starter for majority of his 11-year career 9 years with the Cincinnati Bengals until they let him go to pursue a different direction in quarterback with Joe Barrow is last season he was with the Dallas cowboys and he had a decent season because he did have some weapons to go around it but it wasn’t enough for the cowboys to make the playoffs now he’s entering his 11th season with a new team if a new scenery and the Windy City of Chicago the question is can Andy Dalton adjust to a Matt Nagy game plan.


Yes he does have Bill laser as an offensive coordinator which Andy Dalton is familiar with he does have some weapons to throw it to but the biggest question here for the Chicago Bears with a really now need to address if they want to move forward with Andy Dolan as a starter they need to give him an offensive line to protect him if not they might draft a quarterback who knows all Chicago Bears fans can do is feel more pain pain and more pain coming up in this 2021-2022 NFL season all we can do is just sit along for this crazy ride and hope that everything fairs out but as always it probably won’t.

Malcolm Beane of Spotlight Sports Network

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